Dentronic endo and restorative systems                             ultra efficient

  • easy to install and navigate

  • low speed mode for NiTi endodontics

  • full torque control with automatic reversal of direction

  • high speed mode for restorative operations

  • programmable with preset users positions


Dentronic surgical Drill systems                       for a demanding discipline

  • with multiple program setting

  • a wide range of 100- 40000 rpm

  • forward and reverse motion

  • torque limitation for implant placement

  • maintenance free motor

  • integrated coolant pump

  • removable spray clip

  • disposable irrigation tube set

  • with a quiet, short, light and fully autoclavable motor

  • lighted handpiece (optional LED for heightened visibility)

  • surgical contra angle 20:1

  • ergonomic foot control with program selection


Medical OEMs

Dentronic develops precision equipment for high performance products that provide medical OEMs with a selection of technologies and solutions to meet their unique needs.

  • high quality standard of products and services
  • long product life
  • approvals and certifications
  • custom design capabilities
  • well established supply chain
  • global support in sales, technical support and logistics


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